Friday, December 14, 2012

First few days

Dec. 12th – After a loud bumpy bus ride, Keenan and I arrived at LAX to fly via Southwest Airlines to Tampa, Florida. We had a connecting flight in Houston – my first time in Texas! Jose Guaita stayed with us during all our flights – he’s a freshman from Keenan’s church. I remember him visiting WCBC for college days my sophomore year. The flight was fun! I was a bit nervous, but takeoff was so much fun! After we leveled out, the flight attendants were very helpful and were handing out drinks and snacks. The bathroom on the airline reminds me of a bathroom on an RV – very small and tight. I had a great view by the window seat – we sat over the right wing of the plane. When we landed in Houston, Keenan got us our lunch (in Texas, it was about 5pm) at Subway.

The second flight was from Houston to Florida after the sun had gone down. Houston is amazing when lit up at night! It was incredible. When we approached Tampa, it was foggy and I couldn't see the runway until a few seconds before we landed. o.0 Wynn, Mark and the Guaitas greeted us at the airport with a giant welcome home sign. It was a little damp and humid, but warm when we arrived. It was dark when we got to Florida, so I really couldn't see how green it was, but there were a lot of different lights. Some of their traffic lights have a blue light underneath so cops can see which light is red from another angle to catch people who run red lights. Thought that was a little different. I’m staying in Keenan’s room. It’s a little weird to sleep in a room with so many pictures of me!


Dec. 13th – After a short time of sleep, I really felt the jet lag that next morning. After eating a quick breakfast, Keenan and I joined his mom and went to their church in Sarasota. Liberty Baptist is a beautiful church that looks very similar to my own. Wynn, Keenan’s mom, teaches art at the Christian school there. I got a grand tour of the church and school, got to see (and play) a baby grand piano, a beautiful auditorium and see the school. The kids are super cute, especially as they greeted “Mr. Keenan” as he came back from college. After Wynn’s classes were done, we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Civilized country! ;-D

Once we arrived back at the house, we rested for the remainder of the afternoon. That evening, Wynn took me to her Sunday school class party, where another ladies Sunday school group met up as well. There were a LOT of new faces and names, but it was so much fun. I’m glad I went. It was funny as some ladies were teasing me that I had come all the way from California *just* to come to their party! It was truly a Baptist fellowship as there was plenty of food to go around. After everyone had something to eat, a small pail was passed around with one question that everyone had to draw and answer. A lot of the ladies were hoping to get one that asked about their grandchildren (or great grandchildren!). Mine asked how many states I lived in, and where. That was super easy, being the California girl visiting. It was a fun evening.

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