Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dec. 22-26, 2012

Dec. 22nd Saturday – We went to the Selby Botanical Gardens this afternoon, it was very nice! We visited the greenhouse there which was jam packed with plants, orchids and all sorts of plants. The Japanese garden was pretty neat too. We then saw some Banyan trees (my first time). Those are the weirdest trees I’ve seen in a very long time! They have roots that come down from the branches. Super weird. We had a snack of cookies and coffee/tea at the shop down there and explored the house on the grounds. It was all decorated for Christmas and quite eclectic. We then went to the Marina Jack which is basically a bay filled with boats and had City Island Park nearby. We walked around and saw a famous statue of a WW2 navy sailor kissing a nurse and the brass sign that Keenan designed. That was pretty cool seeing his sign in such a prominent area. We then walked around the dock looking at the city skyline, ocean waves with nearby rocks and the banyan trees. Dinner was at Panera bread – their food is amazing. We wrapped up the evening by enjoying some pictures we took earlier this week and watching “The Nativity Story” which is an annual tradition in Keenan’s family. It was a good day!

Dec. 23rd Sunday – Today is “Christmas Adam” according to Ashley Goetsch, lol. (Because tomorrow is Christmas Eve ;-) We went to church that morning, that church is so friendly and nice. That afternoon, the Portileaxs came over. They’re age-long friends with Keenan and his parents. We mainly talked about Star Wars and everything surrounding it. That was fun. We went to church that evening where I got to meet some more people and fellowship with those I already knew. It was a good evening,

Dec. 24th Monday – Today is Christmas Eve! How did it get here so fast? It somehow doesn’t feel like it right now, but I’m sure it will when we start opening presents. Mark, Keenan and I ran to the store and got some presents for Wynn and looked at guns and knives at this other store. That was fun. One of Keenan’s clients, Steve and Maryann stopped by and visited. He has a business teaching driving lessons, and his website was built by Keenan. They were really sweet. Mark and Keenan took Lydia and Ashley to the airport so they can spend Christmas with their dad James in Baltimore. Meanwhile, Wynn and I cleaned out shells and made cranberry delight. Once they got back, we went to the candlelit service at Keenan’s church and sang a lot of Christmas carols. It was quite lovely. We had turkey burgers for dinner that night and then opened presents! Everyone liked what they received – I got Wynn Christmas music and scented hand sanitizers, Mark got a Sudoku book and Keenan got a Seattle Space Needle Lego set and a book “How to win friends and influence people” which he had been wanting to read for a while now. It was a successful night. J

Dec. 25th Tuesday – We had breakfast at the house once Robyn, Kamu and Granddaddy all slowed up. Everyone enjoyed the cranberry delight I made, and the conversation was lively. After the breakfast, Keenan and I packed during the afternoon and got mostly everything all set to go. We had a pleasant walk around the neighborhood with Wynn and saw how bright the stars were. Keenan got out his telescope and we did some stargazing. We examined the moon, Jupiter and three of its moons, the Orion Nebula and Serious (my favorite star located beneath Orion) and then went inside. It was a delightful day.

Dec. 26th Wednesday – Keenan got a call from Southwest and learned that our Tampa flight to Houston was delayed long enough to miss the connecting flight (which was the last one to LAX from Houston)… we got a new flight that went through Kansas City. We got that flight and found out when we were landing that we would have to run to make the connecting flight. Fortunately, they held the plane for us. I do NOT want to do that again. We got to see some snow from the night sky; that was pretty cool. On the second flight, since we were practically the last ones boarding, there were no two open seats together so Keenan and I had to sit apart from each other. I sat between an elderly couple and Keenan was behind me a couple of aisles. He gave me his ipad so I got to watch Princess Bride. He is so sweet! We landed safely at LAX and my family got us Tulsa for dinner.

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