Sunday, December 16, 2012

Busy Sunday (16th)

Dec. 16th Sunday – Today being Sunday, we went to church at Liberty Baptist in Sarasota. We arrived in time for Sunday school and I got to meet a lot of people, including the famous Mark Jellma (Keenan’s SS teacher, a deacon and his good friend), Eric and his wife, Cinnamon Celise (she works with the sound system) and in the evening service, I got to meet Bill and Tiphany Chatzistamatis and their cute little girl Kara. The preaching there was great, Dr Gary Jackson preached about the “Incarnation of the Christ of Christmas” and after the service, he asked for people to share some praises/prayer requests. Wynn (Keenan’s mom) raised her hand and was saying a praise how Keenan was home, and how I was able to come along from California. The pastor then asked “Are we just calling her a girlfriend?” Well, since there isn’t a stage between girlfriend and fiancée, its still girlfriend to the best of my knowledge. That was pretty funny, especially as half the church turned around to look at me, haha.

In the afternoon, Keenan’s two cousins Lydia and Ashley came over. A little bit later, their grandparents Jerre and Jim (aka Kamu and Granddaddy) arrived as well. We all ate Wynn’s delicious chili and broccoli slaw as well as my homemade jello and other snack foods. The jello turned out well, for which I am glad. After that, we all exchanged gifts. A lot of them were beautifully wrapped! I got Lydia a horse calendar and Ashley a Star Wars Lego set. She loves her Legos. Keenan and I got Kamu and Granddaddy a gift card to Panera, so they’ll have fun with that. After everyone left, Keenan and I walked around and enjoyed a lovely sunset by the pond in their subdivision. At the church service, I got to hang out in the back corner where the sound booth is located with Cinnamon and Keenan. That was fun. Hope that doesn’t make me a backslider! ;-) I got to see a few more people and fellowship a bit before we went home. We watched a lot of silly videos after having breakfast for dinner.

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