Friday, December 21, 2012


Dec. 21st Friday – We did a lot today, but it certainly wasn’t the end of the world! First off, we shopped at Venice at this cute little store called Sea Pleasures and Treasures. It had a lot of variety of shells and Florida memorabilia. I got a lot of nice souvenirs! After walking around Venice, we had a delicious lunch at Checker’s which is basically a combination of Sonic and InNOut. It was amazing! I want to eat their food again. Next, we then visited Kamu’s new house. She and her husband Jim Wood now live in a nice home surrounded with lots of wood, giving it a rustic feel. We spent some time with her and admiring her new rooms and how she had decorated for Christmas. It was a good bonding time and a chance to see more of Keenan's side of the family.

Afterwards, we visited North Jetty Beach on Casey Key. They had a red flag warning about the waves as it was very windy and cold. The tide was out and there were literally *thousands* of shells on the beach. I have NEVER seen so many shells in my entire life! After cramming as many shells into various pockets as possible, we visited Tim’s sign shop. Their Boston terrier dogs were SO excited to see us. I finally met Bobo and Mini, they were so cute. Wynn had brought some plastic cartons for them to play with and they had the best time with it! They love to completely flatten and chew the living daylights out of those plastic cartons. It was nice to meet Tim and his wife Janis. We had a great time there.

We then dashed off back home to change and get ready for our Sunday school class’ game night at the church. Mark Jellema, Brittany and Drew Jackson, Andy and Jeremiah (Keenan’s best friends) and two other church people all came. We had pizza and a played few weird games. It was great to finally meet Keenan’s childhood friends. Keenan and I wrapped up the evening by playing some Minecraft.

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