Friday, December 23, 2011

So its Christmas...

So it's Christmas. The season of joy and happiness has returned again, as it does ever year. Only this year is a little different. This year, Nana won't be baking any goodies, it will probably be either Daniel or Mom (or both of them) doing that. I'm also working on Christmas Day, which happens to be on a Sunday. I NEVER work Sundays, I'm busy with church nearly all day. Since Christmas is on a Sunday, we're having a combined service at 10.30am, and will probably end around 12ish. I have work shortly after that. Since there's no evening service, I can work and not miss church. A win-win, sort of, because I won't have a lot of free Christmas time.

Fortunately, we never really had a traditional activity to do on Christmas other then open the stockings in the morning, because we open all the presents the night before. The great family gathering has been moved over to New Year's Day because it works out better for them traveling wise. So now Christmas has become a glorious day to honor Christ's birth and play with the new toys.

But this year, there won't be a lot of new toys. Shasta our cat has been having a few health problems, and vet trips aren't cheap. Merry Christmas, we have a healthy cat and a new shirt. :)

After enjoying dinner at Islands, we drove around looking at the Christmas lights. Be careful around Bainbridge - awesome lights, horrible traffic. Everyone wants to see that court, but the road there is um, tight. Traffic was so backed up, we gave up on that and checked out other places. It was pretty cool. :)

My cough isn't so cool, but at least I'm getting better; thanks to prayers and a LOT of vitamin C and our friends' "Super Tonic." It's vinegar with chili pepper juice, horseradish, ginger, garlic and onion juice. It tastes as great as it sounds, but it may be working. At least I hope so. It's annoying to be sick every Christmas season.

There's quite a few presents underneath our beautifully lit Christmas tree, way more then I was honestly expecting. There's also one from my boyfriend. I'm really looking forward to opening that one. ;-)

---Flashback to the ending events of Fall 2011 semester-----

Thanksgiving break was awesome, as Keenan was able to stay down here for a few days. We got him a hotel room, so there was no curfew and we took advantage of that! He got to try a lot of "firsts" down here, like meeting my extended family. o.0 It went pretty well! Everyone got along and no one was killed.

The West Coast Festival of Music was wonderful! Everything sounded perfect! There were a lot of ensembles, bell choirs, instrumentals and choir specials - including an echo choir in the back balcony! After that, I got to run over and help with 1st grade girls with their end-of-the-year party, where they had a ton of sugar AND ice cream sundaes! Very exciting evening.

The next evening was fun as well, Keenan and I got to eat dinner OFF CAMPUS with one of our teachers, Mrs. Dunwoody. We both were in her English grammar class in freshman year. We went to Chipotle, hung out at the mall for a bit and ate mint chip ice cream at Coldstone. That was totally awesome!

The next night was the Christmas Banquet. I wore a midnight blue formal dress, and Keenan wore blue to match. This year's theme was "Toyland" so all the admin and faculty were dressed up as various toys. Such as nutcrackers, GI Joe, dominoes and others I didn't recognize. The dinner was interesting, and the concert Dr Z (aka Dr Zachary) did afterwards was good and funny! His wife came to sing a solo or two, when they had 3 5th grade girls come on stage. Dr Z asked them if they believed in Santa Claus. Like good Baptist children, they replied in unison "No, we don't believe in Santa Claus!" and that's when Mrs. Z started to sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and then Dr R comes out dressed up as Santa Claus! If you've never seen him, he's tall. Son of Gath kind of tall. Perfect for the role, basically. He starts to throw candy out to all the students in the main aud. It was great! The message afterwards was a real thought provoker, about how good God is all year long. After that was a brief op for photos and then dash over to another building to watch "It's a Wonderful Life." That evening was soooooo much fun!

We got our grades back. All are A's, except for a B in a really tricky class. I'll take that. Wish I could have done a little better, but I did my best. And that's the best I can do.

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