Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Summary

So my 21st birthday was about 10 days ago. As far as birthdays go, it was pretty good. I had a bunko birthday party about a week earlier. In the middle of the week, I got this box from my boyfriend. I wasn't allowed to open it until my birthday, which was in a few days. That instantly made me want to open it right there and then, but I was able to endure. It was SO funny to see how the boys reacted to it! It was about the shape of a DVD cover, but a couple of inches thicker. The boys kept shaking it, and teasingly pretend to somehow harm the package, but nothing happened to it. I waited until midnight (PST) the night before my birthday before I tore it open.

Inside was a beautiful pink heart-shaped necklace with a gold chain (that was tangled from all the shaking it went through! ;-) That got fixed quickly.) There was also a special hand-written letter. :-)

I wasn't able to go out on my birthday dinner with my family that night because I had to work. My coworkers are so perplexed as to why I would choose to work on my TWENTY-FIRST birthday. You see, another coworker had his 21st birthday the day before mine, and he got scheduled to work on his birthday (and I got scheduled to work on mine). Instead of working, he went out to "celebrate". I can see why that would confuse my coworkers. Why didn't I go out and party like how the rest of the world would have done?

I didn't go out drinking because I don't believe Christians should drink. There are SO many warnings in the Bible against drinking. If you don't believe me, read the book of Proverbs. It's in there. Besides, I know I wouldn't like the after-effects, so why bother going down that road? Plus, I've heard it tastes nasty anyway. No big loss. I know I'll be able to remember my birthday better then someone that was drunk the entire time on their birthday.

My family and I went to Roadhouse Grill on that Saturday night, the day after my birthday. It's the same location I went to for my 16th birthday. The place has changed a bit. I remember it being crazy, loud and busy in 2006, but when we went there, there weren't a lot of people. Different economy too. Things change after 5 years. Our table had an empty chair that would have been for Nana, so that was a little bit weird to deal with. Still, we enjoyed the evening and got delicious food. One of the traditions that restaurant has for the birthday person is for the waiters to sing "happy birthday" to them while the birthday person is decked with a coffee filter on their head and a toilet seat liner around their neck. So funny!

My parents got me this really awesome laptop for my birthday (which I am typing this blog post on). I'm still installing programs and moving things over, but everything will be ready when I head back to WCBC this fall. :-D

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