Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Nana Kay Update

If you're friends with me or any of my family on facebook, you should already know by now that my Nana passed away last Wednesday. Apparently, she died during the night. I'm SOOOO glad that she was a Christian, and knew 1000% where she'd be going after she passed away.

My dad had called, and later texted me the news while I was starting an 8hr shift at work. That made that shift the longest, hardest and worst one ever.

We knew it was going to happen (sometime this year), but we just didn't know when. It was actually a sudden surprise when we found out.

I'm glad that she's not in pain anymore, and is safely in the arms of Jesus. We still miss her, but I wouldn't want to wish her back into all the pain and struggles she was going through here. I love and miss you Nana!

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