Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Nana update

Hey all. My Nana's back in the hospital again.... the doctors put her on dialysis and combined with Friday's and todays results, they've pulled out 6 and a half liters of fluid off of her. She's able to breathe easier (always a good thing!) I'm not sure when/if she'll have heart surgery for her heart valve. She finally got moved out of ICU to somewhere else in the hospital, so that's good for her. The stress has been a bit crazy in the family, but I think we're doing okay so far.

My dad started a blog about it all, so you can read detailed descriptions of what's going on here:

Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nana update

Last week on March 1st, my Nana had to go back to the hospital again for fluid retention in her lungs. The doctors figured out that why she was having her breathing and leg-swelling problems was because her heart wasn't pumping effectively. They gave her an electric shock on March 3rd to get her heart to beating in a normal tempo. Then she had to have a test done on her for a leaky valve in her heart... that was done on 7am Monday (why she had to be transferred to another hospital at 2AM I'll never know). Eventually, she had her heart surgery Tuesday morning (something about a stent and angioplasty - no valve surgery as of yet) She had to rest flat on her back for hours before they let her sit up.

Today, we get a call from the nurse at ICU and after all that, she can come home today! Yay!! :-)