Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Graduates of 2009

Well, I can say that this month has certainly been one of the busiest. I've never been to so many graduations and weddings in my life!! I took photos, lots of them. None of my wedding photos are yet ready for my blog, so you'll have to wait. (If you HAVE to see some, check out my dad's blog here.)

I made these cards for the grads that I know - congrats to all of them!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain rain, go away!

I have a friend's wedding to shoot tomorrow, it better not rain then!

Today, it was raining, hailing, thundering, and oh yeah, did I mention lightning? Yep, I awoke this morning to a nice loud thunder clap. Very unexpected on my part, it lasted all morning and most of the afternoon. The clouds have been blowing away ever so slowly, so it "should" be gone by tomorrow, but the weather people have been wrong before.

So, weather photos anyone?

Fortunately, the downpours never lasted for too long, but still! That kind of thing doesn't happen very often around here!

"How's the weather look?"

"Um, lightning-y?"

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sea World - Animals

WARNING: This is a very long post! Here's those photos I said I would post. These are from Sea World (San Diego, CA).

We went to the dolphin educational show first. Dolphins like to eat fish, fish, fish, and guess what? MORE fish! Some of these are from the dolphin show that we saw later on that day.

This is a pilot whale - I believe it's name is Bubbles.

There were a lot of birds there. Here's a white crane that I caught on film- err, memory card.

This little guy here is either a sea lion, or a seal. I can't exactly recall, but it was one of the quieter ones not barking and begging for fish.

I think this photo of an otter is one of the best ones I was able to get - the reflection off that tank is Terrible!!

When we stopped to eat, there were ducks wandering around the area, begging. Yep, a begging duck! I've seen dogs and cats beg, but not ducks!

This BCNH (Black Crowned Night Heron) was intently staring at someone's meal. It was kinda funny!

Alright, I know you've been waiting for some Shamu photos. Well, here they are!

After seeing Shamu, we saw stars! As in starfish!

Aye......... sea turtles.....

Then we saw pinkish white birds - flamingos. I think flamingos prove that God has a sense of humor, just look at them!!

We fed bat rays too. One of them pinched my finger when I wasn't expecting it, they can nab ya pretty hard! It's a very interesting experience, they feel so slimy!

"Gimme squid!!!"


Is it just me, or does anyone get the theme song for "Jaws" running through their head when they go through the shark exhibit?

And now, the dolphin show. Just briefly.

A photo of the trainer "riding" the dolphins after pretending to fall in. Sorry guys, that was just part of the show.

Afterwards, we saw penguins!

"Does this make me look taller Mom?"

Mmmmmm, tasty! Sushi!

Beloooooooooooooooooooga! (Beluga whales)

And now for something new for me. The polar bears were actually moving!!!!

And this was great for Mother's Day........

A face only a mother could love.......... maybe

Thanks for taking the time to look through these! Here's a flower photo for all your effort...

Have a nice day!