Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Adventure 1-23-2009

Hi all. Today was a fun day. I went with my younger brothers, Dan & Matt and my Mom to a field trip. We went to the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad. I was also able to take my camera along, so I naturally took a few.... I mean some..... okay, a lot of photos.

We were on a guided tour guide. This is a homeschool support group, so there were kids of all ages there. The first stop was drums. Yep, drums. La de da.

The tour guide, Jack, talked about how where drums were used, and mentioned that most people immediately thought of Africa, but rarely remembered that Indians (Or rather, American Natives) also used drums for communication. For the record, that was the first group I thought of. ;-)

Being spoiled and accustomed to (mostly) classical pieces ranging from Mozart, Beethoven, Scott Joplin and E.T. Paul (really cool marching song composer), Matt didn't care for it that much at first. Dan had fun just making noise.

But after a while, the kids followed the tour guide beating to different rhythms, and making noises that made everyone either laugh or smile.

Needless to say, I was glad that part was over.

The next part was about John Philip Sousa. There was a lot of brass instruments there, some I had never heard of. That big tuba there? That's not a tuba. That's a huge "Sousaphone". Down there on the bottom rightish behind the big drum is a tuba before Sousa had changed it to make it fit around a person (which is what we picture whenever we think about the tuba)

Down there on the bottom left, that golden horn sticking up there; that's the horn I had never heard of before until today. It's called a baritone. Gee, I thought that was the singing range between tenor and bass.

There was also some clarinets, a bass drum and a snare drum. Oh, and some trombones.

Another interesting factoid I learned was that, according to the tour guide, there were no trumpets in Sousa's marching bands. The trumpet hadn't been invented yet! There were horns, bugles and cornets.

(FYI for the photographers: the white balance may be bad, but its not that far off. The room was painted a strange hue of green)

After we left the Sousa area, we were brought to various other things, not all of which I took pictures of. I did of some though. ;-)

A banjo and a mandolin. (You can tell the lighting was bad. I love my Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8!!!)

A really old old Steinway from 1905

Accordions, an organ, and a HUGE doublebass!! (Sorry for the bad reflections, glass, you know.)

And some other noisemakers....

And now, some guitars....

At the store, they had some fun items. Including things that made loud noises which the younger children automatically began to play with. I wonder how the store clerks survive.

Yes, those are clocks. Pretty cool, huh? ;-)

And that was about it. For lunch, we drove to Oceanside, parked by the ocean and ate lunch that Mom had brought in the cooler. Did I mention it was raining?

We looked at the ocean for a bit, then we saw a Metrolink train, and an Amtrak cross by on the train tracks. It was awesome!!! :-D

And that just about sums up my rather long fun day. Now I need to go scrap some photos!!

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